Our core values

Nordion Energi has four core values: Innovation, Engagement, Together and Safety. The core values describe how we behave and guide us in our daily work.


Nordion Energi is guided by the vision of a fossil-free society. To achieve this, we must be innovative. We dare to challenge ourselves and the energy industry to find constructive solutions to the challenges we face. All employees are encouraged to think innovatively.


We want to enjoy our day-to-day work. For us, positive energy and humour create a healthy workplace that delivers results. This is why we are approachable and care for each other, to ensure that we flourish collectively.


Only together can we achieve our goals. This applies both within the company and in our work with customers and business partners. The transition to a fossil-free society requires cross-border collaboration. This work is based on trust and openness, enabling us to benefit from each other’s expertise. This is why we’re always keen to hold out a hand.


Safety is paramount. Our workplace must be safe and characterised by trust and safety. We care about work-life balance and the importance of recovery. Safety is also about reliable delivery performance to our customers.