Nordic Hydrogen Route

The Nordic Hydrogen Route (NHR) is a collaboration between Nordion Energi and Gasgrid Finland on the expansion of hydrogen infrastructure in the Gulf of Bothnia. Through this project, we want to accelerate the green transition of industry and strengthen self-sufficiency in energy.

Industrial initiatives in northern Sweden will significantly increase demand for energy. To meet these needs, large amounts of hydrogen are required. But the infrastructure required is not there at present. The Nordic Hydrogen Route accelerates the green transition in both Sweden and Finland, creates conditions for new investments and increases access to green and competitive energy.

Onshore and offshore wind power

The plan is for the grid to be about 1,000 km long from Örnsköldsvik to Kiruna and on to Vasa on the Finnish side. Along the way are producers of hydrogen and e-fuel, and steel manufacturers that are keen to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in their operations.

Hydrogen is produced by onshore and offshore wind turbines around the Gulf of Bothnia. The electricity generated by wind power is converted into hydrogen, which can be used as it is or in another form of energy.

New opportunities for collaboration  

An effective hydrogen market around Gulf of Bothnia will position the region as an attractive investment opportunity, stimulate green industrialisation and create new jobs.

One reason for the increased demand for hydrogen is the steel industry’s ability to produce fossil-free steel using new technology. With hydrogen as a reducing agent or fuel, emissions consist primarily of water.

The Nordic Hydrogen Route connects the production of hydrogen with the users’ plants via an underground pipe that follows the coastline by the Gulf of Bothnia, with important branches to smaller towns with large industrial users such as Gällivare or Kiruna. An underground infrastructure has minimal impact on nature, the reindeer industry and hunting.

The Nordic Hydrogen Route also enables Sweden to become a leading producer of clean and alternative fuels for the aviation and shipping industries.

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Anders Järvelä

Björn Santana Arvidsson