Our gas grid

As responsible for the Swedish trunk gas network, Nordion Energi wants to help drive the transition to 100% green energy - where increased use of biogas and hydrogen plays a crucial role.

Swedegas External link, opens in new window. is the hub of the Swedish gas market and takes overall responsibility for the long-term development of the gas network and for ensuring that the market always has safe and efficient access to gas. The gas network extends from Dragör to Stenungsund and transports energy to distributors and directly connected customers. The gas network supplies 33 municipalities, several cogeneration plants and industries with gas. Vehicle owners and 34,000 households are also users of gas.

Weum External link, opens in new window. is the country's largest gas distributor with operations in 25 municipalities in southern Sweden. The gas network supplies over 20,000 customers in industries, businesses and private households. The energy is used for heating, cogeneration, transportation and industrial processes.

Nordion Energi aims to become Europe's first gas network with 100% green gas. In 2022, 37.5 percent of the total gas traded in the West Swedish gas network was biogas. In the near future, we also see that hydrogen will become a vital part of the climate transition.