Carbon Infrastructure Capture, CinfraCap, is a collaborative project between Göteborg Energi, Nordion Energi, Port of Gothenburg, Preem, St1 and Renova with the aim of making the Port of Gothenburg one of the first places in the world to have a large-scale liquid carbon dioxide infrastructure.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) means that carbon dioxide is captured and then stored safely underground or under the seabed.

In the CinfraCap project, we have investigated the possibility of annually store approximately four million tonnes of captured carbon dioxide for onward transport. The infrastructure, from plant to quayside, will be open to industries and other actors and be able to receive captured carbon dioxide that is transported to the port via pipelines, road and rail.

CinfraCap started in autumn 2020. In October 2022, the second phase of the project concluded with an in-depth feasibility study in which we focused on the technical design and drew up a draft business model. The aim of the next development phase is to be able to make investment decisions.

CCS is one of our prioritised development areas, one where we can contribute to the climate transition with our infrastructure and expertise.