Carbon Network South Sweden (CNetSS) is a collaborative project with the aim of capturing, transporting and storing carbon dioxide in southern Sweden.

CNetSS’s long-term goal is to increase the potential for both reduced emissions and negative emissions. Eight other actors are involved in the project: Copenhagen Malmö Port, E.ON, Höganäs, Kemira, Kraftringen, Stora Enso, Sysav and Öresundskraft. We want to establish a sustainable, cost-efficient carbon dioxide infrastructure for transport from emission plants to the final geological storage. 

With so many actors working together to create good conditions for infrastructure and a value chain for carbon capture and storage, the cost of the entire chain can be reduced. Many of the companies have scheduled plans to capture carbon. Together, they have the potential to capture and store more than 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.  

Major potential for negative emissions

CNetSS launched a pre-fesibility study in September 2022 that continue untikl the end of December 2023. The study was granted financial support by Industriklivet from Swedish Energy Agency, stating in their decision that the project is believed to be an important step towards realising the value chain for bio-CCS (biogenic Carbon Capture and Storage). The potential for negative emissions is also expected to increase further with the transition from fossil to renewable fuels.

Negative emissions are important for achieving the climate policy goals, and Sweden has good conditions for negative emissions, as we have large point source emissions of biogenic carbon dioxide.

CNetSS has synergies with the collaborative project CinfraCap External link., but involves different conditions in the form of collaboration with new actors with varying volumes of carbon dioxide flows over the year, specific local/regional logistical solutions and business structures.