Our operations

Nordion Energi was formed with a clear purpose: to drive the transition to 100% green energy. We are experts in energy infrastructure and are convinced that the climate transition in society requires interaction between electricity, gas and heat.

Nordion Energi consists of Swedegas and Weum, which work with infrastructure and climate-neutral gas distribution. The role of biogas and hydrogen in the transition of Swedish industry, as well as to a sustainable energy and transport system, is central, not least thanks to its flexibility and storage capacity. There is tremendous support for the increased use of green gas, in the worlds of both politics and business – and Nordion Energi assumes responsibility for facilitating a faster transition to biogas and hydrogen. We are also working on the development of carbon capture infrastructure (CCS), which is expected to become an important element of the climate transition.

The Group also includes the electricity grid operator Falbygdens Energi. The electricity grid is 240,000 kilometres long, and a significant proportion of the energy comes from wind power. We are continuously investing here to prepare for more wind and solar power.

We have industrial and business customers, as well as private households. Our goal is to build an energy group with a wide range of sustainable solutions for the energy supply of the future.

Towards a sustainable transition

Nordion Energi works purposefully to deliver 100% green energy. To manage the transition, the energy systems for electricity, gas and heat need to be connected. The ability to flexibly transmit and store energy will be crucial. Through collaboration with other actors, we aim to increase the total volume of renewable energy – thereby securing the energy supply and reducing emissions.

Nordion Energi