Our work on sustainability

Nordion Energi was formed to secure a stable energy supply and to drive the transition to a fossil-free society. Sustainability permeates everything we do – from today’s operations to tomorrow’s visions of a changed energy system.

For us, sustainability is an integrated part of our core business. Our starting point is systematic prevention in five areas.

Actively driving the transition to net zero emissions

Our core priority is to increase the availability and use of green energy. We do this through innovation and strategic partnerships, as well as playing an active role in the social dialogue. We run projects in the areas of biogas, hydrogen and CCS to reduce fossil emissions. We also have an internal objective to achieve net zero emissions in our own operations by 2030.

Reliable and flexible infrastructure

A highly effective infrastructure for a stable energy supply forms the basis of Nordion Energi’s contribution to society. Our promise to customers is that they can expect an electricity and gas supply at all times, without disruption or outages. We modernise and make continuous investments in our infrastructure and have contingency plans to handle disruptions in everyday life as well as in crisis situations.

A safe work environment

Safety always comes first. Our systematic work environment management is the basis for preventing and managing risks of accidents and ill health, for all employees, contractors and others who perform work for Nordion Energi. We maintain a long-term approach in order to ensure a safe and secure work environment in which all our employees have equal opportunities to enjoy their work, develop and feel good. Systematic work environment management is governed by our management system, which is certified in accordance with ISO 45001. In order to continuously improve, employees are encouraged to always report risk observations.

Gender equality & inclusion

We are convinced that diversity makes a stronger company. Our culture is about treating each other with respect and dignity regardless of gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation or age. We strive to achieve an equal distribution of women and men at all levels and in all occupations. We have zero tolerance of all forms of discrimination.

Business ethics

All employees at Nordion Energi shall act responsibly and in accordance with our Code of Conduct Pdf, 127.8 kB. in all our processes, business transactions and day-to-day operations. Conducting business that is important to society places high demands on quality and compliance – something we take extremely seriously.