Powering a changing society.

Nordion Energi is an energy infrastructure company with roots in southern and western Sweden. We currently own Swedegas External link, opens in new window., Weum External link, opens in new window. and Falbygdens Energi External link, opens in new window. - but we want more. Our ambition is to build an energy group with a wide range of sustainable solutions for the energy supply of the future.

Green energy available to everyone

Society is undergoing a major climate transition where gas and electricity infrastructure will play a key role. There is no shortage of renewable energy. The challenge is to make it available - where it is needed, when it is needed and at a competitive price. Nordion Energi is involved in leading society's transition to a flexible energy system where electricity, gas and heat interact. Together with customers and partners, we make green energy available to everyone.


19 FEB, 2024

Reduced climate impact and strengthened food supply – Fertiberia, Lantmännen, and Nordion Energi are investing to develop Sweden's first fossil-free mineral fertiliser factory.

06 FEB, 2024

New steps towards Malmö’s future carbon dioxide infrastructure

28 NOV, 2023

The Nordic Hydrogen Route and The Baltic Sea Hydrogen Collector deemed Projects of Common Interest by the European Commission