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Nordion Energi is based in Malmö, with offices in Gothenburg and Falköping. On this page you will find contact details for our subsidiaries and the different departments.

Head office

Nordion Energi AB

Box 362, SE-201 23 Malmö

Riggaregatan 57, Malmö

T: +46 10 178 84 00

Falbygdens Energi Nät AB

Box 251, SE-52102 Falköping

Bangatan 5

SE-521 43 Falköping

T: +46 515 77 75 00


Johan På Gårdas Gata 5A

SE-412 50 Göteborg

T: +46 31 43 93 00


Riggaregatan 57

SE-201 23 Malmö

T: +46 774 41 42 00


Before you start excavating

Are you going to excavate or build, or want to know whether there are pipelines in connection with a project? The Ledningskollen External link, opens in new window. web service helps you find out where pipelines and other infrastructure are located.

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Referrals from municipalities and government agencies

Questions about our pipelines