For suppliers

You will find information here about our procedures for purchasing and procurement.

Purchasing and procurement

Nordion Energi purchases goods and services and procures contracts for both small and large amounts. Nordion Energi AB (556976–3765) is the parent company of:

  • Falbygdens Energi Nät AB (556407–5165)
  • Swedegas AB (556181–1034)
  • Weum Gas AB (556015–9492)

In cases where goods or services are used in several parts of the business, group procurement processes are generally carried out in accordance with the Swedish Water, Energy, Transport and Postal Services Sectors Act, LUF (2016:1146), with Nordion Energi as the procuring entity.

Current tenders

Nordion Energi uses Mercell TendSign’s services to convey information about ongoing tenders. Among other things, the service means that you, as a potential supplier to us, can see which tenders have been announced, including those that have been interrupted or closed.

Click here to see our tenders on Mercell TendSign’s advertising site. External link, opens in new window.


In the procurement documents you will find contact persons, whom you can contact in the first instance. Otherwise, please feel free fill in the form below and we will answer your questions.

Would you like to become a supplier to Nordion Energi?

If you would like to become a supplier to us, we would like you to read Nordion Energi’s Code of Conduct Pdf, 151.6 kB. and fill in the information below.

Existing supplier

If you have delivered a product or performed a service for Nordion Energi, the following applies:

  • group standard, terms of payment at least 30 days
  • send invoice by email (incl. any attachments) in PDF format, to the invoice address below
  • always quote the invoice reference (e.g. project number) and reference person

Nordion Energi AB
Box 362, SE-201 23 Malmö

Falbygdens Energi Nät AB
Box 251, SE-521 02 Falköping

Swedegas AB
Box 362, SE-201 23 Malmö

Weum Gas AB
Box 362, SE-201 23 Malmö

If you have any questions, contact us at

Code of Conduct

Swedish Pdf, 151.6 kB.

English Pdf, 127.8 kB.