Baltic Sea Hydrogen Collector

Baltic Sea Hydrogen Collector (BHC) is a collaborative project between Nordion Energi, Gasgrid Finland, OX2 and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners that opens up opportunities for more and sustainable hydrogen in Europe.

The Baltic Sea region has major potential for hydrogen production through the good opportunities that exist to develop both onshore and offshore wind power.

By connecting offshore infrastructure between Sweden, Finland, Åland, Denmark and Germany, we can strengthen self-sufficiency in energy and guarantee access to an open, reliable and safe hydrogen market.

Part of Europe’s hydrogen initiative

Hydrogen has a vital role to play in managing the transition in the industrial and transport sectors. The project is part of Europe’s hydrogen initiative, the European Hydrogen Backbone External link, opens in new window., which is developing hydrogen infrastructure to interconnect sites with high potential for production and offtake.

In August 2022, the heads of government from eight countries signed the Marienborg Declaration. At the summit, it was agreed to expand offshore wind power in the Baltic Sea by 19.6 GW, which is seven times the current capacity. According to the declaration, the Baltic Sea region has a potential for offshore wind power of up to 93 GW in the long term.

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