Periodic consultation on transmission network tariffs

Between March 8 and May 8 2024, Swedegas is arranging a consultation in accordance with the EU Commission's Regulation 2017/460 (NC TAR) regarding the reference price methodology applied to the tariffs on the West Swedish transmission network for natural gas.

According to the regulations, consultation must be held at least every five years starting from May 2019. The consultation must be carried out by either the national regulatory authority (Ei) or the transmission system operator (Swedegas), as decided by Ei. Ei has decided that Swedegas shall carry out the consultation in the spring of 2024.

On this page you will find all the documentation that the consultation refers to as described below.

On April 9, market participants are invited to join a digital consultation meeting that Swedegas arranges via the Microsoft Teams application.

During this meeting, Swedegas will explain the context and content of the TAR NC consultation.

If you’re interested in participating in the meeting, send a declaration of interest to

Views and comments on the consultation material can be sent to throughout the entire consultation period, from March 8 to May 8.