Survey of market interest in hydrogen infrastructure

Nordion Energi is inviting hydrogen actors to a so-called open season to gain a perception of the market’s interest in hydrogen projects.

As the party responsible for the Swedish national gas grid, Nordion Energi wants to be involved in driving the transition to 100% green energy – where the expansion of a hydrogen grid has a significant role to play. We already have a strong focus on hydrogen and are dedicated to this issue.

The form consists of 20 questions, and the estimated time to complete the questions is about 5 minutes per project. The survey will provide us with a valuable basis for our continued process of planning and finally building the infrastructure. The answers are non-binding and we take confidentiality very seriously.

The survey will run until 30 June.

Click here to go to the survey External link.

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Anders Järvelä

Mox Murugan

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