Gas Barometer

Want to find out more about how gas is used in Sweden? The Gas Barometer was launched in 2016 as an initiative from Swedegas. Working together with the companies that trade gas in the western Swedish gas grid, statistics are produced four times a year on how much biogas is being transported and used in the grid.

Current statistics

The purpose of the Gas Barometer is to create transparency when it comes to presenting the development of biogas in Sweden. The Gas Barometer tracks the percentage of biogas in the total volume of gas traded.

Statistics show:

  • Biogas production entering the core grid (TSO)
  • Biogas production entering the distribution grids (DSO)
  • Imported biogas
  • Exported biogas

In recent years, the proportion of biogas traded has steadily increased in the grid. In 2022, the proportion of biogas corresponded to 37.5% of the entire western Swedish gas grid.