Biogas is a cost-efficient solution for the transition to a sustainable society. Nordion Energi strives to continue to develop the biogas market in Sweden. In 2022, 37.5% of the total gas traded in the western Swedish gas grid was biogas.

Biogas makes use of waste from sewage, food waste and manure, as well as residual products from forests and industry. The digestates from biogas production can also be returned to agriculture as organic bio-fertiliser. Using biogas as a fuel also helps to improve air quality in cities.

High demand for biogas

Biogas is supplied in the same grid as natural gas, which means that customers can make the transition right now. Virtually all our household customers currently use biogas for heating and cooking. Industrial customers are also increasingly opting for biogas.

Large-scale production of biogas is necessary to continue this positive trend. In 2022, Nordion Energi entered into a partnership with Danish company Nature Energy – a leading actor in the production of biogas and renewable energy from organic waste – to investigate opportunities to increase the amount of biogas produced in Sweden.

In order for the biogas market to grow, the infrastructure also needs to be developed. Nordion Energi is actively involved in the dialogue and is collaborating with several actors to accelerate the expansion of biogas.

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