Nordion Energi takes new steps on the journey towards 100% green energy

Despite last year’s turbulence in the energy market, we were able to report excellent results linked to our sustainability goals – at the same time as we launched initiatives in hydrogen and biogas. The Sustainability Report is now available to read in its entirety.

Proportion of biogas increasing

The proportion of biogas traded in the western Swedish gas grid increased from 34.4% in 2021 to 37.5% in 2022.

In 2023, we entered into a strategic partnership with Danish company Nature Energy – a leading actor in the production of biogas – creating good conditions for the continued development of biogas in the Swedish market.

Reduced emissions

Nordion Energi aims to achieve net zero emissions by 2030. Our biggest source of emissions is system losses in the form of methane. Between 2019 and 2023, our goal is to reduce methane emissions by 35%. The outcome in 2022 comfortably exceeded the goal – we have already achieved a reduction of 50%, and we are continuing with initiatives to further reduce emissions.

Electricity grid remains stable

Investments in our electricity grid are based on maintaining and improving quality, and achieving a high level of delivery reliability. At the same time as we are investing in weatherproofing and renewing our electricity grid, we are testing new technology to reduce faults, limit outages and be able to take action quickly and safely when necessary.

Major hydrogen projects launched

We want to be an active part of the energy transition, and we see a need to drive development forward through innovations and strategic partnerships. The role of hydrogen in the energy system of the future is becoming increasingly self-evident. During the year, we presented two large-scale initiatives.

The Nordic Hydrogen Route is a collaboration with Gasgrid Finland with the aim of building an extensive gas infrastructure – up to 1,000 km long – to supply hydrogen in the Gulf of Bothnia region. The project has an ambition to contribute to a green transition in industry and to strengthen self-sufficiency in energy.

Baltic Sea Hydrogen Collector is another cross-border collaborative project in which we are investigating the possibility of developing a new large-scale offshore infrastructure for the collection and distribution of hydrogen in the Baltic Sea region. Gasgrid Finland, OX2 and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners are involved in the project.

Download the Sustainability
Report (pdf)

Sustainability Report 2022 Pdf, 1.2 MB.

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