Press release: Nordion Energi and Gasgrid Finland launch Nordic Hydrogen Route – Europe’s first large-scale, cross-border hydrogen infrastructure

Nordion Energi and Gasgrid Finland today launched the Nordic Hydrogen Route initiative. This took place in the presence of guests including Khashayar Farmanbar, the Swedish Minister for Energy and Digital Development.

The initiative is aimed at green industrialisation, market development and strengthening self-sufficiency in energy. By building a hydrogen infrastructure in the Gulf of Bothnia region and an open hydrogen market by 2030, the Nordic Hydrogen Route will accelerate the transition to becoming globally leading hydrogen-positive and climate-positive economies, creating new conditions for new investments and increasing access to green and competitive energy.

The companies are planning to develop a pipeline infrastructure that can efficiently transport energy from producers to consumers in order to guarantee access to an open, reliable and secure hydrogen market. An integrated energy infrastructure can connect customers across the region, from hydrogen and e-fuel producers to steel manufacturers, who are keen to create new value chains and products and reduce carbon dioxide emissions in their operations.

Sweden’s Minister for Energy and Digital Development, Khashayar Farmanbar, had this to say at the launch of the Nordic Hydrogen Route:

“My goal and the Government’s goal is clear: we must accelerate electrification to meet the needs of the future. This creates new jobs and is crucial for the climate, but also for Sweden’s independence. The investment in hydrogen is historic and boosts the Gulf of Bothnia as a region, while at the same time strengthening Nordic collaboration. This is pleasing news for an energy minister in times like this!”

“An effective hydrogen market around the Gulf of Bothnia will position the region as an attractive investment opportunity, stimulate green industrialisation and create new jobs. With this solution, the Nordic region can also become self-sufficient in hydrogen,” says Hans Kreisel, CEO of Nordion Energy.

Regional demand for hydrogen is projected to exceed 30 TWh in 2030 and be around 65 TWh in 2050. Much of this hydrogen is expected to be produced by well-developed onshore and offshore wind turbines in the Gulf of Bothnia region. This production will enable the expansion of more than 20,000 MW of wind power capacity. The Nordic Hydrogen Route connects production to users’ facilities via a network of pipelines following the coastline of the Gulf of Bothnia, with important branches to expected demand centres such as Gällivare or Kiruna. The aim is for the infrastructure to be operational by 2030, with a final length of around 1,000 kilometres. The concept is being developed together with stakeholders along the value chain.

“In addition to promoting regional economic growth and new investments, the Nordic Hydrogen Route can make a strong contribution to Finland and Sweden achieving their ambitious climate goals. It also enables the countries to become leading producers of clean alternative fuels for the aviation and shipping industries, by transporting hydrogen to new production facilities,” says Olli Sipilä, CEO of Gasgrid Finland.

For more information, please contact:
Saila Horttanainen
Director Communications, Nordion Energi
+46 46 70 622 76 06

Hans Kreisel
CEO, Nordion Energi
+46 46 72 217 5821

Igor Vlassiouk
Director Strategy & Corporate Development, Nordion Energi
+46 70 560 1841

Olli Sipilä
CEO, Gasgrid Finland Oy
+358 40 589 4686

Sara Kärki
Head of Strategic Analysis & RDI Gasgrid Finland
+358 40 158 1722

The Nordic Hydrogen Route is an initiative by Gasgrid Finland and Nordion Energi to accelerate the creation of a hydrogen economy by building a cross-border hydrogen infrastructure in the Gulf of Bothnia region and an open hydrogen market by 2030. The purpose of the Nordic Hydrogen Route is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in industry, support regional green industrialisation, economic development and European energy independence. The companies are striving to develop an infrastructure that can efficiently transport energy from producers to consumers and to guarantee that they have access to an open, reliable and safe hydrogen market. Find out more:

Gasgrid Finland Oy is a Finnish state-owned company and system operator for the transmission system. We offer our customers safe, reliable and cost-efficient transmission of gases. We are actively developing our transmission platform, services and the gas market in a customer-oriented manner to promote the carbon-neutral energy and feedstock systems of the future. Find out more:

Nordion Energi specialises in energy infrastructure and is driven by a clear purpose: to help drive the transition to 100% green energy. Nordion Energi is the TSO (Transmission System Operator) for the Swedish core grid for gas and also owns and operates the country’s largest gas distribution grid, together with electricity grid operations. Nordion Energi makes sure that our customers, such as industries, municipalities, CHP plants, households, filling stations and restaurants, always receive their energy in a sustainable and safe way.

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